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To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

Short post today, but just some random thoughts.

As I’m going to be 19 in less than a month, I am thinking about an idea for a tattoo. Okay, so I’ve actually been thinking about a tattoo for like three years now, but yeah. I know that I want a tattoo to represent my love for music, but every time I think of one, it’s so clich√©, so I’m going to put that one off for now. Right now I’m thinking about getting a tattoo representing my mamaw and my papaw. They have been the two most influential people in my life. Mamaw practically raised me. As my dad put it, until I was like 17, I would stay at her house 6 nights a week and beg to stay the 7th. About right. My papaw and I had a special connection because I was born just a few hours after his 60th birthday, which happened to be the 4th of July. We always celebrated together. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when I around 4, and he passed away when I was 10. I really didn’t get to know Papaw as well as my older brother and my older cousins, but he is still my hero.

I know that I want to orient the purple Alzheimer’s ribbon into the tattoo, but I’m having the hardest time coming up with one thing that describes my mamaw. She has literally taught me everything. ¬†How to cook, how to sew, how to fish, how to drive, and some of the greatest life lessons ever. She also is the one that has asked me to go to church with her because God is very important in her life. She takes care of my cats for me, she makes me vegetable soup for college, she buys me random stuff because it reminds her of me, she calls me no less than 2 times per week to chat, and she is one of the best women in the world. I was asking my friend that I’m house sitting with what she thought of when she thought of my mamaw, and she was like, “just pick something cute because she does everything and she’s cute at it.” Case in point.

After I decide on that, I have to decide if I really want a tattoo or if I would just like a drawing of it, because, to be honest, my body is saggy now, and I don’t want to see what will happen to that tattoo in 60 years or so.

Also included is a picture of our 2/62nd birthdays because we’re just so darn cute.

I’m laughing because I said that this was going to be a short post in the beginning and it is most certainly not short.