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Time Flies

The last time I posted was almost 3 months ago. So many things happened over the summer.

I took a hiatus from technology, deleting a few social media apps from my phone (keeping facebook to stay in contact with my family), and only checking my phone maybe twice a day.

I house sat and babysat a lot. Along with the summer band I did in June, I was away from home a lot, which helped me from getting into fights with my family. It helped me stay away from my dogs and helped my allergies. It also helped me not get tired of home in like 2 days and hate summer.

On July 5th, I turned 20. Some of my family came in from out of state for vacation and we celebrated (I had no clue they were going to have a birthday cake for me). That same day, the US women won the world cup of soccer (USUSUSUSUS)

On July 16th, the Lord saved my soul. I joined the church on July 18th, and was baptized on July 19th. Part of this blog was about me trying to find out where I fit in with religion. After attending BCM for two years and learning what being a Christian means, I was able to accept the Lord as my savior.

On July 19th, I was also offered a job as a woodwind instructor for my alma mater.

I started that job on July 27th. That week gave me the opportunity to learn how to teach high school students in a small group setting.

On August 13th, I started back to college with leadership training before my band camp started. As section leader, I had those two extra days and had a lot more responsibility for band camp week.

I auditioned for symphonic band and got 11th chair. 5 better than last semester’s auditon. 10 more people to beat.

I’ve had a week of classes now. It’s all going well, but it will be a lot of hard work throughout the semester.


It’s over… but It’s just begun.

It’s over.

It being the semester.

It being homework and tests for three months.

It being the budding relationship that I thought I had.

It being the best friendship I had all semester (with that guy (his birthday is today)).

It being my stay in a dorm room without a private bathroom.

It being my sophomore year of college.

It being my first year as a music major.

It almost being the first year of this blog.

It almost being my teenage years.

It being a year full of happiness, sadness, joy, crying, hard work, triumph, trials and tribulation, passion, adventure, tragedy, sweat, pain, and the determination to just keep going.

It’s Just Begun

It being summer break.

It being a stress free few months.

It being my adult life.

It being my career as a musician.

It being the new me that I am determined to work on.

It being the girl with the heart that is starting to heal.

It being my title of BRMB Section Leader.

It being Junior Year, Sophomore Music Classes, and Senior Credit Hours.

It being a dorm room with a bathroom and a new roommate.

It being the life of this blog, one year old and going longer every day.

It being a summer and year focused on me, my body, my music, my classes, my life, my friends, and being a kid while I still can.

Always look on the bright side of things. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Paws, Tails, and Tongues, Oh My!

So recently my friends have tried to classify what kind of person I will be when I finally move out of my parent’s house. (I’m not too worried about it because that requires me to get a job first and I can’t even get hired this summer, ugh!). One of my friends was like, “Well, when you marry, your husband will probably sleep on the couch because you’re going to have so many dogs in the bed with you. You’ll get the big ones too, like Sasha… tell him that they’ll be outside dogs, and then they’ll stay in the house.” She is probably very accurate. And then Thursday, at my summer band concert (Oh yeah, I’m in my community concert band… it’s nice), I was fangirling over dogs (well that describes it most accurately… they looked like Sasha, okay?), and another of my friends was like, “I picture you as the type of person that wants dogs bigger than them. Is that accurate?” I then showed him a picture of Sasha from February. He is also very accurate.

Hi. My name is Tabitha and I am a dog addict.

When I get my apartment in the future, I’m going to adopt a dog from the humane society or some rescue thing or something. The problem is going to be that I will want to adopt every dog, which is not cool for my bank account or for the dogs (or my roommate who obsesses over my dogs as much as I do).

My Instagram feed is 9/10 dogs, 1/10 Supernatural, and 0/10 of people or animals that I actually know. It’s a problem.

And actually I’m dogsitting this summer. Two weeks ago I watched a 6 month old husky, and the week after this, I’m watching two 6ish year old dogs. I met them Thursday and I’m so excited to spend a week with them.

I am an all around animal person, but I just have to have dogs. I hope, when I finally move to BG, to get a job at PetSmart or PetCo or something like that so I can pet the animals ALL DAY LONG. My life would be happy.

So now, some pictures of my dogs because yeah… oh, and one of Harley.


Lady, Sheltie, 3 years old


Cooper, German Shepherd, 7 months old10338221_10202841391728190_6142591150907049449_n

Sasha, Great Pyrenees, 8 months old


Harley, Husky, 6 months old


And bonus picture of my friends and I at B-Dubs after our summer band concert on Thursday!