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It Takes 21 Days to Form a Habit: Day 14

Another part of my summer spent focusing on myself is losing weight and getting healthy.

I haven’t had a soda in 16 days.

I have eaten healthy and followed a workout plan for 14 days. I have lost one pound in two weeks.

Tomorrow I start at the gym near my house… my parents are gracious enough to purchase the family plan and pay for my membership. I am going to start a new work out plan… one that is more strenuous than the current one I am on. I’m also going to start doing cardio every day, where as now it is every other day. I ordered a jump rope yesterday so it will get here this week in time for me to take it with me when I house sit again next week.

In the quick two weeks of summer, I have become kinda obsessed with being healthy. I think it is because calorie intake and exercise is something I can easily control over the summer. I’m also extremely fed up with being the fat friend.

Yesterday I decided to forego the C25K-like plan I’ve been following and finish a 5k at a steady pace. My time was awful, but now I atleast have a base number to work off of. That 3.1 miles almost killed me. I wanted to stop with 2 laps left but I just knew I needed to keep going. Apparently I had completed a few 5k’s back in January, and I beat those times by a few minutes this time… I also completed my fastest mile somehow! So I’m going to work on cardio and hope to keep getting faster and faster miles… and being able to go longer and longer while jogging. I may sign up for a 5k once I know my schedule for the fall, maybe I can convince a few friends to do it with me.

I hope to be 20 pounds lighter when I come back from the summer.,, and so much more fit and toned. I would love to have to buy a whole new wardrobe for school.

It takes 21 days to form a habit, and, two weeks into it, I feel fantastic. I will be able to keep this up.