Midwest Mania

It has been forever since a post. It was the end of the year push with auditions, finals week, and juries. This is the first semester I’ve had all A’s since I went to college, and I’m pretty excited.

The week after finals week, some friends and I went to Chicago for Midwest Clinic, which is the world’s largest instrumental music education conference. While there, I attended clinics, listened to ensembles, and got to know my friends even more.

I cannot express with words how attending that clinic made my love for music grow. Or maybe it didn’t grow. Maybe I just found what I already had. My passion has been renewed and I will never forget all of the once in a lifetime opportunities I had while up there. Since coming back, I have practiced every single day for two hours or so. And they have been focused practices. I want to get better for the future. I absolutely positively love music and making music and listening to music and teaching music.

That feeling of being surrounded by everyone, young and old, that loves music, is one that I want to get back. It was simply remarkable.

Until next year, when I plan to return, I am trying to save up to finally by the R13 that I have been wanting for over a year now, and I badly need an upgrade. My poor little Rutherford is hanging on, but it’s giving me a bad tone in the lower registers and other things that are just due to age and quality.

I fell in love with one R13 at Midwest, and my friends took to calling it Baefett.

My plan is to go up to a music store and try them out next week, but I sadly still will not have any money to even start paying for it.

Until next time!


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