Today I am thankful.

Today I am thankful for honest people.
While in an unnecessary slight rush to go pick up a new propane tank, I left my wallet hooked to the cart at Walmart and pushed it into the cart corral. We then went to Staples and Home Depot where I finally realized that it was gone. While driving back to Walmart and hoping that I had at least my WKU ID and license left, Dad called Walmart and someone had turned it in. Everything was in it. Definitely some of the scariest five minutes of my life.

Six hours later, I am snuggled in bed with Lady and catching up on some of my shows, not worrying about who has anything of mine.
Today I am thankful for that honest person: the cart pusher, someone walking by and seeing it, someone that got that cart after me, or the person that put their cart in the corral after me, whoever it was, because they saved me hundreds of dollars in order to get everything in that wallet back.


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