The Dog Days of Summer

On Friday, some friends and I took our dogs on a day out to the local dog park and to other pet friendly places. We had a blast. I’m extremely excited to be back on campus in about a month so that I can spend as much time as possible with all of my best friends.

We went to the dog park first, and Sasha had a great time rolling in the mud, running as far away from me as possible, and meeting the other kid at the park with the same name.


Then we went to Dairy Queen where Sasha and Jasper were treated to pup cups! (Thanks, DQ, they loved them!)


And water, gotta stay hydrated!


After that were the normal pet stores, PetCo and PetSmart with treats and toys.

Then we took a trip for the humans, to campus and to visit our favorite mascot, Big Red!


We tried to include the dogs in our selfie…. it didn’t work out.10245583_10203224728871379_4230197950408696929_n


This may look weird, but this is what the actual Big Red does. If you graduate Western without having this done at least once, you have not had a life.


Who’s the mascot?


(Hunter wasn’t a fan of our need to selfie all of the time)

Sasha was exhausted on the way home (and I was too).      20140711_165748

I’m so excited to reunite with everyone else soon, and it was a great day out with Hunter and Kaley!



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