Music, Friends, and Heartfelt Conversations

So, during the month of June, my friends and I have been a part of our local community band. We rehearse for two hours on Tuesdays and then give a concert on the following Thursday. After, my friends and I either go out to eat or go play volleyball (or both). I normally get in around 3 am. My mom has a problem with this. Seeing as I know many people that go and party until 3 am, and I’m just chilling in a restaurant, or, in tonight’s case, playing tag in a high school parking lot and then just sitting down and talking for hours on end, I feel like I am okay. Two of my friends have graduated and are in the job market, so if they get a job (or even if they don’t) I won’t see them near as often after the summer. The summer band is over for this year, so I guess it’s a communication barrier that Mom and I will have to work around next year. I guess, with growing up, I will have to learn how to balance spending time with my friends and getting home at a decent hour. That is, until I am able to get an apartment in the city, then I will be able to just invite my friends over to hang out.


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