Summer Job Woes

One of the worst things about living in a very rural area is that there are limited summer job opportunities. I got into the job market in my county after all of the high schoolers so all of the positions were already filled, except for one. The one that wasn’t did not hire me because I was not available on Tuesday and Thursday nights in June (for the summer band I’m in). So today I threw my name in the hat for a job an hour’s drive away at PetSmart. I figured that I love pets and I’ve had a little experience being a cashier, so I may not totally hate it. The worst thing is that the gas I use going to and from work would cost more than my minimum wage job would give me. Even though this is in the city where I go to college at, when I return next semester, my schedule is basically 8-6 every day and would provide me with limited work hours. I’m looking forward to getting older and having a band camp job, because experience in that department is worth more than a summer job in retail every single time.


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