Teenage Insecurities

One of the single most frustrating times is buying a bathing suit. I’m young and stylish, but I’m also overweight, so anything that I find cute whatsoever is not going to work for my body type. I don’t necessarily want a one piece or a tankini, but I also am in no way wearing a bikini. I can’t find any cute one pieces in my price range, and that stinks. I’m going with my friends to the pool in a few weeks and I haven’t had a new bathing suit in probably four years. That one was just to wear under clothes while I went tubing on the lake. I wish I had enough confidence to wear some of those more coverage bikinis for plus size people, but I definitely would go for a sweatpants bathing suit.

I absolutely hate my body and even though I started working out and eating healthy in August, I can’t seem to change anything. It’s almost been a year, and you would think that I’d atleast see a change by now. I’m beginning to think it’s hopeless.

While I’m talking about hopelessness, when I moved to Western, my face decided to breakout into the worst acne ever. Through highschool, I never had breakouts and my face was always so smooth and pretty perfect. Now, even in June and going through almost every “proven” acne treatments, my face is full of scars and I am so insecure about it now. Even when I wear makeup, I hate it. Everyone else is getting rid of their acne at this age and I am going full force with it. I know my friends obviously aren’t staring at my scars, but I feel like they are.

Obviously these aren’t as big of struggles as some other people/countries have, but if someone could invent a product that cured acne/scars in an instant and makes you fit, they could make world peace.

The featured image is me (obviously) on my first day of classes in August and on my last day of class in May.


One thought on “Teenage Insecurities”

  1. It’s impossible to tell others to love their body for who they are but you truly sound like you’re strong enough to have a positive outlook about your apperance. However, I know how much easier it is said then done. I’ve written a post on self-image you may find really relateable if you’re interested. It was one of the hardest I’ve written, http://youngandtwenty.com/2014/03/21/615/

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