Making Up for Lost Time

My friend and I are housesitting for our high school band director while his family is on vacation. They have a 6 month old husky named Harley and she is the weirdest dog ever. She lays around all day minus a few random minutes when she tries to eat us. We have been watching the new season of Orange is the New Black and laying around and catching up. She graduated high school with my brother a week ago and so I haven’t seen her in about a year. One thing that I realized during last year is that the friends that truly want to be my friends will make an effort to see me, and if I truly want to stay friends with someone, I will make an effort to see them.

Spending time with Erin after almost a year is weird, because it’s like that year never happened. Like, we talk about it and she tells me about how much the school changed since I left and I tell her about my experiences in college, but it’s not weird. Not the, well we have spent like two minutes together in the past year and I don’t really know if you’ve changed so this will be fun, weird, but more like we’ve lived together all of our lives and we have fallen back into old habits. It’s fantastic.

She’s probably 1 of like 3 friends that I’ve stayed friends with since they’ve/I’ve graduated high school. One of them being my future sister-in-law.


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