Major Struggles with My Minor

Being a music major is hard. In this day and age, there aren’t many positions and there are fewer and fewer every day. It is suggested that you have a minor along with a music major but I am going into my third semester. I just spent the last hour and a half researching minors and how I can take them. I would prefer, with my hectic schedule of having classes 8-6 every day next semester (9 classes. Ewww.. I know, right?), that I would be able to take a completely online minor, but the one I’m thinking of, Business Administration, is not available at my college. Do you guys have any suggestions or words of advice as I stress about this for the next five million years (slight exaggeration, only slight though)?  What would make me more marketable? My college accepts most major universities credits so would I be able to complete one of their online minor programs and then transfer my credits? I know this is going to get expensive, so I’m going to start saving my residual. Also, would an online program be worth it? Along with my music ed classes, I am in the honors college at my university, requiring me to take extra classes (33 more hours), which makes my undergrad degree even more hours (as if 141 hours wasn’t enough already). Man, I only have 46 of the 174. I’m going to be in college forever! Anyways, minor or not? Online or not?


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